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I just started using BlogLovin‘ a few days ago. And I love it! I love the little follow buttons. They make things so simple! You see the button & you click the button. Plus all the blogs I follow are now in one simple list, easy to find. I love that.

And, frankly, I find the whole RSS thing to be a little confusing. There are SOOO many different readers available it’s hard to keep up with what’s what. I prefer to have all my things in one place. Thanks BlogLovin’.

There is a whole lot of buzz I keep hearing all about the whole Google thing going away, why not find something where all bloggers can be unified.

There is also the name BlogLovin’, which I really like. It makes me feel all warm & fuzzy about blogs. LOL!!

Another cool thing is that they have an app for iPhones. Have you ever tried to read some blogs on your phone? Well, for me it’s a real pain in the a**. Unfortunately, I do not have an iPhone. I have an Android phone, but hopefully the developers will come out with a BlogLovin’ app for Android in the near future… As I am sure I am not the only Android user who blogs & uses BlogLovin’.

SO… If you aren’t using BlogLovin’ or if you haven’t heard of it, you MUST give it a look. It will be worth your while! :)

UPDATE: As it turns out, I am a complete retard & there IS a BlogLovin’ App for Android in th Google Play Store.. My bad. LOL!

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